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Louisville's BEST Virtual Reality

Omni Arena


The only Virtual Reality game you can RUN in

Run around in VR with your friends as you battle zombies, robots, pirates, or each other in the Omni Arena. All registered players are entered into tournaments with $5,000+ in cash prizes available each month. Omni Arena is the most advanced Virtual Reality platform in Louisville.


The Omni Arena's unique design allows for up to four players to explore cutting edge games while safely walking and running inside a virtual environment.

Choose from our library of competitive multiplayer, co-operative play, and non-violent kids games and find yourself lost in an amazing and visually stunning game world! Game play runs approximately 10 minutes.

Registered VR Arena players at Renaissance Fun Park can participate in weekly and monthly tournaments for a chance to win cash prizes ranging from $100 to $2000! See below for more info.

Price: $13 per session